How we win together

Who we are

  • We are a passionate, creative and experienced team of professionals who have a love for helping small and medium-sized businesses
  • We have a mindset of going above and beyond, operating with a sense of urgency
  • We are entrepreneurial, but maintain sound credit judgement at all times
  • We have a flat organization where decision-makers are always accessible

How we treat our clients

  • We go the extra mile to fully understand our clients’ business; acting as partners in both good and challenging times
  • We make decisions on a timely basis, while always providing transparency to our clients
  • We follow efficient and consistent processes, no surprises

How we work with our prospects / referral sources

  • We believe our prospects and referral sources are the key to our success
  • We close what we propose
  • We are definitive; a fast yes (or no) is better than a slow maybe

How we work together

  • We are one team
  • We treat each other with dignity
  • We treat each other like family
  • We are accountable to each other
  • We communicate effectively with each other