Access best-in-class underwriting

Put your effort and time where it counts, and leverage LINE to handle your commercial funding operations.

LINE Financial provides full back office support:

  • Underwriting, 
  • Asset management, 
  • Verifications, 
  • Collections, 
  • Complex collection and litigation, 
  • Relationship management, and 
  • Treasury management.

Our structure, processes and best-of-breed disciplines ensure an optimum balance between the safety of stakeholder capital and the desire to provide much needed financing to small and medium sized businesses.

Underwriting and Due Diligence

Our credit and underwriting team will present a path forward that meets the needs of all stakeholders, founded on common understanding and the desire to help business grow.

Client Asset Management

Our risk management team will review and report on the status of clients’ accounts with a specific view on collateral valuation, payment histories and credit limits.

Collection & Verification

Our collection teams will monitor payment histories and trends on financed invoices, ensuring that lenders capital is accounted for and protected.

Collection & Litigation

Our senior team has extensive experience in the collection of bad accounts in order to enforce on client obligations and against pledged/supporting collateral.

Relationship Management

Our Relationship Managers support client service relationships, critical problem solving and identification of opportunities for originators and clients alike.

Treasury Management

Our treasury management team helps you manage your business by taking responsibility for the “cash in/out” aspects of your client account.

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