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Accounts receivable financing, commonly referred to as factoring, is an essential component of trade finance and has existed in developed economies for centuries.

Simply stated, factoring allows a company to improve its cash flow cycle through the sale of its accounts receivables to an outside party (the factor). By converting accounts receivable into cash, a company increases both its productivity and financial health.

From an investor standpoint, there is an inefficiency that can be received from the attractive yields charged to the client based on their often poor business credit. However, much security can be had from the end debtor (receivable).

Asset Based Lending

Lending to businesses secured by an asset that acts as collateral for the loan.

These loans tend to be secured by receivables, inventory, real estate or equipment. Attractive yields are available and are secured by real assets.

Specialty Lending

Loans provided to non-bank lenders whereby the primary collateral/assets are the pool of loans. These non-bank lenders provide consumer or business loans in a variety of areas, for example, auto finance, POS retail consumer finance.

This area has been vastly growing due to technology driving efficiency & changing consumer behavior.

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